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7 weeks to wellness: the mind challenge



You are the ruler of your house and the master of relaxation. You have taken stress by its horns and you have tamed the wild beast that it is, into a small, insignificant moment in your life. You experience Zen each and every day and you do not allow anything or anyone to ruffle your feathers. You are at peace and you are full of calm. If this describes you on a daily basis, then a congratulations is in order for you, following a grand ceremony of praise. If this is a place that appears peculiar, then lets make it more familiar. This is not a mysterious, foreign place, hidden from us commoners. This is a reality. We can all experience this state of Zen, if we choose to practice it. Why do we have to practice being in a calm, peaceful state? Because, we live in a society. A society where mortgages, car notes, rush-hour traffic, telemarketers, IRS, grocery store lines, poor customer service, strained relationships, insensitivity, environmental toxins and negativity are shared amongst us all. Even if you only have to deal with one of those items, the lovely woman standing in front of you in line, is possibly dealing with the other ten items listed. Her tumultuous energy is just as real and valid as your peaceful energy. They are all valid and deserve attention. We can serve others and ourselves by taking 10 minutes per day for meditation, quiet reflection, deep breathing, mindfulness/self-awareness or any other activity that allows you to turn it off. Take a break from the stimuli of the day. Breathe in the still that lovingly surrounds you. Feel the guardians and ancestors who walk with you. Be. Our longevity and self-preservation depends on our ability to calm our senses. The learned elders of many indigenous cultures all knew that sitting in silence was a medicine that far exceeded the physical therapies that were often accessed. Our healing is based upon our being. In order to simply be, we have to be acceptable with being in silence. It is an exercise in patience, humility and discipline.

This should also become a desired activity that does not require much vigor. If you have to force this activity, then it becomes a bit pointless. Allow your downtime to reflect you. If you are an artist, then turn to your easel. If you are a musician, then find meditation music that suits you. Use nature and her beauty and take quiet walks or gaze into a crystal bowl of water. Close your eyes and listen to your breath. Feel your heart beat and follow the blood (life flow) that courses through your vessels. The successful key to this activity is saying nothing. As you quiet the mind you quiet the body.


Author: Jamila Owens-Todd, N.D.

Naturopathic Doctor

2 thoughts on “7 weeks to wellness: the mind challenge

  1. I love this beautiful post. As I open my mind to the power of positivity and energy healing, I have never been so happy despite my MS! I can’t wait to read more.


    • thank you kindly and much strength to you as you live happily, despite the MS. that is a very powerful statement in itself. like energy attracts like energy and your continued healing is based upon your continued positivity. i appreciate your comment and your insight.

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